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Hi, guys! This is Santosh Mali here. Most of the day time I work online as I want to be a (more) successful entrepreneur online and very much interested in Home Business. 

My purpose of managing this website is to share some of my “online” experience (Bad and Good one) especially in affiliate marketing and make money online stuff… and if you are in the same category, you are welcome to share your experience with me.

Well, so let me brief about me, I have completed my graduation in Engineering in 2008 (Mumbai University) and started working that 9-5 day job as usual because my economical condition was not good and also I was not good in academic.

So, I decided to go for a day job for living instead of further studies (was not good option). But only job was not enough to rolling things smoothly and I need some EXTRA bucks to gear up.

But how? no idea at all. It was 2010 when I owned first desktop PC and I came across working from home stuff as need of some extra bucks to spare. So I started searching for Home based work and how can I make money on internet staying at home as part time.

Google is a smart guy. He displayed me over 360,000+ results showing me how to make money online. I continued my search a little bit more and finally decided to work on tiny job portal known as Amazons Mechanical Turk (M-turk) and joined one of the affiliate networks know as Commission Junction (CJ).

But that was none of my business at that time. And my online journey begin from M-Turks… I continued there for about 6 months but as compare to my new hard work, outcome was almost nil, I could not, at least, able to pay my Internet Bill by that penny. I didn’t wanna get that much penny. My dream was big. 

In following years, I tried several work at home jobs and opportunities, purchased work at home job kits. Six months...eight...then ten months and finally a year 2012 gone doing this work and Googling. 

I thought, this is not for me. After several Dos and Don’t, I came to the Affiliate Marketing and decided to start my own small Home business without having my own products and store… 

So, the concept of affiliate marketing begins interest me, the business in the virtual world totally but still real one. Is this for me? I found the answer, YES. 

And from here my journey of AFFILIATE MARKETING began… 

I will keep updating about my journey of Affiliate Marketing, what I did, what was my failure in the ways. That may help you if you are complete novice or started but stuck up in the world of Affiliate Marketing or want to making money online. 

Please remember, I am still a learner in this industry (I believe learning is never-ending process). I will post everything that I will test and found useful for you... There are lots to share in this universe. Sharing opens the world treasure. 

Open your hands to needy people who really want your help. Sharing is Caring. I have read somewhere that what you share with the world, will returns to you. And it is quite similar to the Newton’s Law of force There is an equal and opposite force when you do so. 

It is necessary to balance the things, right? And finally I hope you will like to add me to your friend list. will you? 

Take care and enjoy!! 


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