Friday, 20 May 2016

Why Motivation- Empowering The Attitude of Disable People

Why motivation? Do you need consistent motivation? In simple word, Motivation is needed to Empowering the Attitude of disable people. 

So, do you really need motivation consistently? In my view it should not. But if you are dealing with online business, I am sure you need it some extent. 

In today's overwhelming flow of changes in Internet world we simply can't focus on our primary goal. We decides and fix one goal today but when we woke up in morning, we set new goal for that day. Because every morning we see new OPPORTUNITY pop up in our email, Facebook and every where on internet.

Here is what dictionary says about motivation:
" Motivation is an emotional or psychological driving force that directs individuals to a set Objective, Ambition, Goal or Target. It is a course of action by which a desire, either generated externally or internally, is translated into suitable action pointing towards achieving ones goal. Motivation means “to move”, as it is derive from the Latin word movere."
To maintain Motivation one must be intrinsic, but why we lose the motivation? The research says there are three "motivation Killer" that tends people to lose motivation from time to time; lack of confidence, focus and direction. Generally, there are dozens of theories available regarding motivation, but motivation is broadly classified in two main categories, viz. intrinsic i.e. internal motivation and extrinsic i.e. external motivation.

What is intrinsic motivation?


Generally, it is often as self-motivation as it is driven by personal interest or one’s enjoyment in the task itself rather than external pressures or a desire for reward or some incentive to do so. 

People in this category are more likely to do or engage in the task willingly to improve their skills that help them increase their capabilities.

What is an extrinsic motivation?


So it just opposite of intrinsic motivation. As the name suggests itself, extrinsic motivation comes from exterior of the individual i.e someone else try to get work done by means of rewards, money or grades.

Why people work?


Mostly, people work to become independent and get financial freedom. But because of interest people are most likely to work hard, some time them being told to do that by someone else, if they are benefited / Incentives / promotion, further in exchange of something (money or things) or under Pressure / target / memo. 

I believe most people are good people but can they do better? Most of the time, people already know what to do, so why aren’t they doing it? What is missing is the spark – motivation. 

Why do you need inspiration and motivation?


If you want me to motivate you, I can’t motivate you. People motivate themselves. But I can create a conductive environment which can be motivating. In order to inspire people to motivate themselves, we need to understand their needs and wants. 

There is a direct correlation between inspiration and motivation, inspiration can make some one to change thinking; motivation lead them to change or take action, ‘Motivation is like fire – unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies. Just like exercise and food don’t last long neither does motivation’. 

People will do a lot for money, more for a good leader, and do most for a belief.

How does motivation work?


Once you understand the principle that motivates the motivator, you can proceed to achieve your goal and can motivate others too. Your internal motivation is your drive and attitude. If I say “I can’t do it” then there are two possible reasons, viz. don’t know how to do and don’t want to do. In first case proper training will help but in second case it may be an attitude issue. 

People can be your biggest benefit or biggest legal responsibility. When a person gets success in a Job, 85% of the time it is because of their attitude and only 15% of time because of his facts, figure and knowledge. 

These tips will help you to stay motivated…some time,

1. Take healthy diet and nutrition 

2. Get adequate rest for body and mind 
3. Stay focused in the present moment 
4. Go for exercise: physical, mental and stimulation 
5. Meditation to live stress free 
6. Surround yourself with best friends 
7. Keep laughing because only human can laugh.

But how do you stay motivated for life?


Lets illustrate how to stay motivated and makes our life 100 %: If you assign the values for alphabets: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z equals to the numbers 1 to 26 respectively then consider the following words: 

Hard work = h+a+r+d+w+o+r+k = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% Knowledge = k+n+o+w+l+e+d+g+e = 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%, Love= l+o+v+e = 12+15+22+5 = 54% 
Luck = 12+21+3+11 = 47%................ are you feeling Lucky? 

Then what makes 100%? 

Is it Money?…NO! M+o+n+e+y = 13+15+14+5+25 = 72%, then, Leadership? L+e+a+d+e+r+s+h+i+p= 12+5+1+4+5+18+19+9+16 = 89% 
I think, we have considered all important words that we love in our life, right? but they are not enough to make our life 100% better. 

Let's continue our research... to go to the top, to that of 100%, what we really need to go further…a bit more…

As you know, every problem has a Solution, only if we perhaps change our attitude. ATTITUDE= A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 =100%.

It is your Attitude towards Life and Work that makes your life 100%. Attitude is everything. Change your attitude … and you can change your Life forever! So, once you able to do this, you will never need further motivation to empowering your life...

Did you enjoy this article? let me know what you do to stay motivated.


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