Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Using Email Marketing

Hey guys, if you are in the business of internet marketing, you're losing money
by not using Email Marketing in your business because e
mail marketing automation is the best way of making money online.

Do you think in the same way? If yes, this post will help you setting up and running your email marketing business on complete autopilot for years to come. Just complete the 3 easy steps below and your email marketing home business is ready to run fully autopilot. 

Before we go to the 3 easy steps, let us see what is email marketing...

What is email marketing and how does it works?


You can see the latest Google trend for the terms "Email marketing" and "Affiliate marketing". Email marketing is dominating the affiliate marketing from the beginning.

About 80 % of the internet marketing beginners (and many intermidiate marketers) are just concentrate on the affiliate marketing and just about 20 % internet marketer (super affiliate) are doing affiliate marketing with complete automation. 

The term "Automation" in online marketing is nothing but Email Marketing-collecting buyer email addresses for long-term business. And this is what the secret of home business gurus. Just by email marketing alone they make thousands of dollars per months on complete autopilot. 

They pull money from the internet just by sending an email to their buyers list. For example: Let us say you have built an email list of 20,000 active people. If you have a high quality affiliate offer that will pay you $25 in affiliate commission then if only 10% of these people will buy, you will make 2000 sales of $25. That is $50,000 by just one email. DO THE MATHS your-self! 

On the top of that automated email marketing system will work for you 24/7 and 365 days making you extra money autopilot. And that is why you need to concentrate on building your email list and put your affiliate marketing home business to run on autopilot for years to come. 

I guess you have understood the benefits of email marketing, aren't you? So, now the only question remaining is how to do this, how to build huge mailing list, right? 

3 easy steps for email marketing automation

Step 1: Getting an Auto-Responder

The very first thing that you’re absolutely going to need is a good, reliable auto-responder service. That said I HIGHLY recommend that you stay away from most of the “free” services. Remember that nothing in life is truly free. 

Currently I know there are two most reliable autoresponder services that offer you a full one month trail. First one is GetResponse, that I personally use for myself and second one is AWeber. You can try both, but for step 3 here you required GetResponse account.

Step 2: Getting High-Quality Profit Pulling Emails Series

We all know that email marketing is really very profitable in home business marketing. However there is one single roadblock that the new internet marketer stuck or stumble upon... i.e. writing those high-quality follow-up emails for autoresponder.  

Do you absolutely hate the idea of writing yourself? If you are a copy-writer expert or think that you can write well engaging and high quality emails that grab your reader's attention, it is fine and you can save some money on outsourcing. 

But if you are not able do it yourself, I will recommend this time and money saving membership of AutoResponder Mail Genie for just $1 for one full month.

  $1 Trail for One Full Month!

These Done-For-You autoresponder email series can be used to promote all kinds of offers in the Internet Marketing niche. You don't need to write another email. You will get high-quality 25-28 autoresponder emails each month. You only need to load them into your AutoResponder. 

Your autoresponder now ready to go online and pull some profit from the internet. Now you need to build the buyers list. The big and very big mailing list. The list that will see your offer or opportunities and join under you to make you money on autopilot.

Step 3: Adding People to Your Autoresponder (Growing Bigger Mailing List)

Any business whether off-line or online needs people to see your opportunity. Without customers your business will never survive in any condition. You need loads of traffic to see your offer as well as to make money. 

That's why building the customer base is highly recommended. Email marketing is the targeted traffic that only interested in your offers to try. This one reason makes internet marketer millionaire. 

So it is time to create sales funnel and add some customers to your sales funnel... for that you need to create a landing page also known as squeeze page or opt-in page, download page etc. 

If you don't want to go in this whole process of creating squeeze or lead capture pages yourself, I will give my Done-For-You system that worked perfectly for me 24/7.

A great option to do this is with Done4U Sales Funnel. This program will give you perfect sales funnel like pro. It will give you squeeze pages, sales pages, download pages, it’s all there. 

This system adds 50-100+ people to my mailing list on complete autopilot. You can see how much people join under me daily. 

You don't need to create any landing or squeeze page. You don't need to do any promotion yourself. You just need to set it once and rest for the life... this system will do all the works and get you people to join you or see your opportunities.

Click Here To Get List Builder System!

Once you join and follow the steps inside this system, you will see people start joining you in the next couple of hours. You will really amaze by seeing the results to get. 

This is all about your automation of home business. Once you set it up, you will never need any business model to try. This is my experience. Of-course I am always here to help you if you stuck setting up or at any stage. Just shoot me an email or write in the comment just below this post. 

Enjoy the home business automation....and let me know your results!


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