Friday, 8 April 2016

Why you Need To Think Differently In Career Planning

Do you know Charlie Chaplin? His career was entirely different than others and became highly successful in his career. 

Students once out of high school is at such a point where a decision taken is going to make a difference to their lives and that is why it is so important to take the right decision at that point. 

Though there are some careers that most student think of taking up and which is as usual expected of them not only by their parents but of the society as large.

There are many who think “out of the box” and take up careers which they never imagined they would.

Why student don't think differently?

It is very rare to find people training for careers that are not the usual careers that belong to the medicine, engineering or management categories. The main reason why the young don’t think differently is because of the following reasons: 

An unsettled future:  

When the students in their formative years see young successful and high flying people settled with five figure pay check, traveling in and out of airports and full of confidence, it makes them feel insecure in taking up jobs that are not the usual ones. 

A fear of the unsettled future troubles them and hinders any progress in planning for something different. 

Insufficient infrastructure and training facilities:  

Students find it difficult to take up different careers in life as they do not find the training facilities and the infrastructure in their own country like India. 

This forces them to look out for facilities in other countries abroad which is not easily affordable and is very inconvenient as far as living conditions and other factors are involved. 

Poor guidance: 

There is not much information available except on the internet and people living in rural areas may not have easy access to the internet. 

The guidance to take up new jobs is not made available to them and hence the fear remains in them making them move away from such jobs even if it is their dream job. 

Parental pressure: 

Some time the lack of parental support for new jobs that seem to be attractive but people are unaware about, is a great hindrance to students who want to pursue such careers. 

Their parents want to play safe in knowing that their children are on the way to be well settled with the right job and one that is lucrative. 

Peer pressure: 

Peer pressure works both ways. Students get pressurized by peers who have joined courses other the normally chosen ones and go against all odds to be with their peers. 

But at the same time peer pressure also discourages the joining of such out of the box careers and forces them to take up careers that are safe and secure.

It is time to think differently 

It is time student started to think differently and took up jobs that did not follow the beaten path. Such differently available careers include those in the kingdom of sports and games, Fashion industry, entertainment industry, game and apps designers and testers or...

... if you want, get a computer with internet and start your own home business on the internet for free. 

Now choosing right career is up to the student by identifying their aptitudes and capabilities and depending on their talents look out for jobs that are out of the box, unusual and exciting to you. 

It is up to you what you wanna be. I hope you enjoyed this short article on why you need to think differently in career planning. If you want to share something on this, comment below.


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