Thursday, 21 April 2016

How Affiliate Mistakes Made Me a Better Person

When I started affiliate marketing 3 years ago, I made lots of mistakes by overwhelmed in this online industry. 

Every day I got new opportunities saying that you will make so and so $$$ and I start chasing them because I was in need. 

But nothing happened instead I wasted my hard-earned money chasing them. 

It is true that affiliate marketing is a way to earn money on the internet. It is a strategic advertising and promotion process whereby organizations, business, the products and services of a business are advertised and promoted on the internet. 

There are many ways it can be and each of the methods can be implemented to find out which is the most suitable for the business or its products and services. But unfortunately, when I took up the business of affiliate marketing I hope to make money overnight and in the process made a number of mistakes which could be easily avoided to be successful. 

So, here I am listing some of the common beginner affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid them and get started in right ways includes:

Mistake # 1. Not treating the affiliate marketing business as a real one

In the affiliate marketing, it is possible to earn money similar to other businesses even if it does not have the look of a real business. So if you are going to start affiliate home business, include training to update the knowledge and skill, update content, design and features in the website, and include information which is relevant to the business and will be of use to the visitor. Moreover treat the affiliate business as your own and real.

Mistake # 2. Non familiarity of program chosen for affiliate marketing

It is best to avoid taking up too many affiliate programs even though it seems to enhance business and increase the income. Choose the programs judiciously and legitimate, and the only ones that you are familiar with. 

Choosing an affiliate program for which you don’t have any idea can end up as a failure and also reflect it on your business. It is a common sense, how can you tell people about a program that you are not even familiarized. How can you explain that how it is works or benefits people.

Mistake # 3. Choosing scrappy or non-beneficial program for promoting

Choose the program to market considering few factors like, profitability, familiarity, whether it is conducive to the audience and their needs for which they visit the website. See how to choose best product to sell online.

Mistake # 4. Avoid big leap to marketing your business or products

It it quite common that when we are very excited, we take a big leap initially and then go down after a month or two. Rather than jumping into a big sea and getting lost immediately it is better to start in step by step. 

Jump start is for so-called internet Gurus and not for novice marketers, I think. Firstly to get a foothold in the world of affiliate marketing, start off with small steps and then go on to bigger ones.

Mistake # 5. Do not make the affiliate link too obvious

I have seen that most likely people do not click on direct links if they are not well familiarized with link you offer them. The reason is that they are not very sure what kind of page or information they are likely to land on. 

The fear of landing on pages that are corrupt, indecent or useless can deter the people from clicking on direct links. So it is better to hide the link in Anchor texts and images are a better ideas and process of affiliate marketing.

Moreover, there is safety to the link as a direct link can be changed by others to direct it to some other website. Use some kind of URL shorter instead to hide your affiliate link. There are many link shorter website like Google, and many more may help in this case. 

By ensuring that these methods are followed by the beginner affiliate marketer is sure to find success in the affiliate marketing business. Moreover, it is better to start slow and steady than rush towards bigger and faster sources to earn money. 

This reminds me the old story "The Tortoise and The Hare" that slow and steady will win the race for sure. 

I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate Community to all beginners and also all who are looking for training on how to start home business. I would like to hear your comments and suggestion. 


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